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If you live in a democratic country you know for sure one thing,- our world runs on majority vote. The majority party wins the race to form the government,the majority vote of the legislators in Parliament becomes the law, the majority vote of the jury is assumed to be correct and the list goes on.

But tell me why should it be that way? Is the majority always right? Is the minority always wrong?

This actually stems from an underlying concept-
Everyone should get what they want.(Especially since the monarchy/dictatorship did not give people what they wanted) I like this concept as much as you do. The only problem is, it is not always feasible. So there is something called consensus building. Since even this remains a mirage most of the time, so voting is done and majority wins minority loses- becomes the rule of the game.

Democracy is all about building consensus, so it is said. Broadly there are 2 rules of democracy.

1. All are equal
2. Majority wins Minority loses.

The second rule is in existence for the simple reason- there is no consensus in the group, people simply stick to their viewpoints.If really there was a consensus, would they all vote for some resolution and declare majority view wins the day while minority loses?

Let us consider a more intelligent system.A better approach would be that each person’s views are evaluated on the basis of practicality and logical soundness.The best argument or approach or viewpoint should be considered.Advantage of this is that people here are not guided by populist agenda or prejudices, but by logical correctness.

One great advantage of this approach is- All the citizens can place their opinions and ideas in front of the legislature or the executive.Each idea will be evaluated in terms of logical correctness and practicality in a transparent manner.The best idea gets accepted.Don’t you think this is far more better than doing something just on the basis of whims and fancies of the majority? Our present governance system makes people second class citizens compared to those ‘in power‘ by not allowing them to have any say.Then how can you say ‘All are equal’?

However there are some hindrances to this approach as well.For once at times there is not one logical solution.Multiple solutions could seem equally correct. In such a case each solution could be implemented in different areas and the results could be evaluated.Like if possible, a particular law can be implemented as a pilot project in a particular city while another mutually exclusive law could be implemented somewhere else.

Should we then always neglect majority opinion? Probably not.People’s opinion matters not because it is always correct,but because the very existence of the system(democracy,monarchy etc) depends on the people.If they continue to be dissatisfied they will revolt one day. This is where public referendum helps when people are deeply passionate about something. That is also why regular elections are necessary so that people have a chance to give their feedback.

Majority wins theory should be implemented only when the intelligent approach fails.

These beliefs form the core reasons behind a better form of government.(


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